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Build a Better Ice Bath — Pro Version

Let’s start this off with the price, because nothing angers me more than having to read through an entire article only to realize I can’t afford it. My complete setup, including filter/pump was around 800KR (about $115 USD).

No question about it, I got a deal on the tank, but if you’re like me, so can you.

What You Need

  • Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC)

  • Fine-toothed Saw

  • Screwdriver

  • Pipe Insulation (Polyethylene Foam)

  • Waterproof glue/caulk

  • Pool filter system

  • And hardware to connect it to your filter to your tub

  • That’s it…


The tank itself is a 1000 liter IBC (as stated above). They’re lightweight bioprocess shipping containers that I assume are used mostly for water. They have a pallet underneath to easily move with a fork-lift and a metal cage that makes it feel extremely secure. But, when it doesn’t have water in it two relatively strong people can move it or one insanely strong person… or multiple smaller but also… you get it…

Fine-toothed Saw

I’m not going to go in-depth on this one… get something that will cut the thick plastic on the IBC.


On top of the IBC is a metal bar that holds it in place, you’ll need to remove one of them. I’ll explain soon enough…

Pipe Insulation

This one is up to you but on my first tub I cut both of my hands when I was sliding in, so on this one, I wasn’t giving myself an option.

Pool Filter System

I picked my system because it was cheap and shipped to me here in Denmark… it also circulated 2000+ liters an hour, which felt perfect for my 1000 liter tub.


I’ll show you how I did mine, but when you get yours you’ll have to figure out how you want to do it, and honestly, if you’re not in Denmark and can go to Home Depot or the like, I’m sure they’ll make it easy.

5 Steps and You’re Done

Step 1:

Grab your screwdriver and remove the bar closest to the back of the IBC.

Step 2:

Grab your saw and cut along the dotted line above making sure to keep in mind two important things:

1. When you cut out the left side, toward the front, make sure to cut around the plastic loop that is attached to the metal bar.

2. Make sure that you have enough room around the edge to glue the pipe insulation.

Step 3:

Cut the pipe insulation and glue it directly to the cut pieces of the IBC.

Step 4:

Connect your filter system to drain from the bottom of the tub and refill up top. My system came with tubes, but for the bottom connection to the tub, I had to buy another tube and a few converters to bring it all together.

At the top I attached my tube to the metal with zip-ties.

You can see it, here.

Step 5:

Fill it with ice cold water and enjoy. I use a step ladder to get in and a plastic basket inside to step and sit on, but you do you.

To see it in action, feel free to hit up any of the links below:

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